Nonbinary Flag

Nonbinary flag with 4 horizontal stripes: yellow, white, purple, and black.

Nonbinary Flag

Created by Kye Rowan on 17 February 2014.

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” Nonbinary is an umbrella term for people who identify as a gender other than wo/man and/or who are not wo/men exclusively. “
– The Transgender Language Primer. See the full nonbinary definition.

Style Guide

This flag has 4 even horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom) yellow (#FFF433), white (#FFFFFF), purple (#9B59D0), and black (#2D2D2D).


The yellow stripe represents being outside the gender binary. The white stripe represents people who are many or so genders, since white is the presence of all color and light. The purple stripe represents the fluidity and flexibility of many gender experiences, the uniqueness of non-binary people and people whose gender exists between male and female. Black, the absence of color and light, represents agender and other genderless identities.

About the Creator

Kye Rowan is “nonbinary; intersex; no particular sexual orientation, I pretty much just like girls and nb people; bipolar-type schizoaffective; very chronically ill; studying massage therapy”


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