Lesbian Flag, Apersnicketylemon

Lesbian flag with 4 horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom): purple, pink, grey, and light blue.

Lesbian Flag, Apersnicketylemon

Created by Marion W on 17 May 2018.

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“Someone, who can be transgender or cisgender, who generally considers themself a woman who is attracted to other women.”
– The Transgender Language Primer. See the full lesbian definition.

Style Guide

This flag has 4 even horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom) lilac (#B65AB6), pink (#FFAEC9), grey (#B4B4B4), and light blue (#99D9EA).


“Purple is for Non binary and trans lesbians, and to represent the violets that were given between women to represent their love.

“Pink is for Lipstick and femme lesbians, and to represent the beauty of feminine love

“Grey is for aspec lesbians, and to represent the difficulty navigating the ‘grey area’ of society, where our love was forbidden and is still rejected by society

“Blue is for butch and he/him lesbians, and also represents the way Lesbianism subverts gender norms within society, and the rejection of those norms.”


This flag won the The Official Lesbian Flag survey. The Survey was based on tumblr at, but it appears most of the pages have been deleted after the blog was abandoned, possibly in Tumblr’s adult content purge. It used Google forms for the survey.

About the Creator

Marion W (they/them). They are queer, disabled, Jewish, nonbinary, A-spec, and a lesbian.

They have an Etsy store where they sell candles and wax melts.


Apersnicketylemon Lesbian Flag unveiling