Lesbian Flag, Nillia

Lesbian flag with 7 horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom): dark pink, mid pink, light pink, white, orange, brick red, mid red

Lesbian Flag, Nillia

Created by Nillia on 30 April 2018

Unveiled at


“Someone, who can be transgender or cisgender, who generally considers themself a woman who is attracted to other women.”
– The Transgender Language Primer. See the full lesbian definition.

Style Guide

Lesbian flag with 7 horizontal stripes: dark pink (#A20161), mid pink (#B55690), pink (#E695CF), white (#ECECEA), orange (#FB8E63), brick red (#C44F55), mid red (#89230A).


The Lipstick flag changed to have an orange stripe to reflect the Butch Positivity flag.

About the Creator

She writes an illustrative story at She loves her wife and Steven Universe.


Nillia flag unveiling