Majestic Mess Designs was started by Deramin (she/her) in 2018 to make nerdy, punk patches and jackets. The first Quests & Queers products were a line of patches of a 20-sided dice in Pride flag colors. While collecting flags, she noticed most were uncredited and given without any other context. She got curious about where they came from, so she started doing the research.

The first iteration was a zine called “A Brief History of Pride Flags” made in collaboration with Rebecca Mroczkowski(she/her) which was sold at Pride (available in the store). A more complete digital edition is currently in progress, which includes interviews with as many creators as possible. If you know any queer flag or symbol creators, please encourage them to get in touch with us.

Photo of Deramin



Deramin (she/her) is an artist and writer. She is ace, aro, and genderfluid. She started Majestic Mess after disability ended her InfoSec career.
Her passions include making patches, queer history, Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role (which is queer D&D), and advocacy for marginalized groups. Her work has been published in The Asexual Journal. She lives in Oregon with her cat and other stray queer people.