Lesbian Flag, Community (Erin Ptah)

Lesbian flag with 5 even horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom): dark pink , pink, pale yellow, lavender, blue-black

Lesbian Flag, Community (Erin Ptah)

Created by Erin Ptah on 26 June 2018.

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“Someone, who can be transgender or cisgender, who generally considers themself a woman who is attracted to other women.”
– The Transgender Language Primer. See the full lesbian definition.

Style Guide

This flag has 5 even horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom): dark pink (#C41A71), pink (#FFA6DA), pale yellow (#FDF0C5), lavender (#C48AD2), blue-black (#091542).


Pink stripes:

  • Shoutout to the gradient design of the lipstick lesbian flag; represents femme lesbians
  • There’s two of them to represent pride in f/f couples
  • And to represent the harmony between “liking women” and “being a woman”
  • And, because the lighter shade echoes the pink from the trans pride flag, to represent that this includes both cis lesbians & trans lesbians

Pale yellow stripe:

  • Echoes the nonbinary and intersex flags, to represent that this includes nonbinary & intersex lesbians
  • Echoes the middle stripe in the pan flag, to represent our attraction to nonbinary lesbians
  • It’s a sandy, beachy shade of yellow, because Lesbos is an island

Lavender stripe:

  • Shoutout to the color of the lesbian labrys flag
  • Honoring the reclamation of the “lavender menace” symbolism
  • Represents the importance of lesbians being feminists, and lesbian issues being part of feminism

Blue-black stripe:

  • This one’s for the butch lesbians
  • It’s at the base of the flag because it’s buff enough to hold all the other stripes up
  • I experimented with plain #000 as another shoutout to the labrys flag, but a brighter stripe worked better with all the other colors, which represents how when all different kinds of lesbians band together we look awesome

About the Creator

Erin Ptah (She/her) was raised in Maryland. She is a chapstick lesbian, cartoonist, geek, secular humanist, and cat person. Her webcomics are Leif & Thorn and But I’m A Cat Person.

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Lesbian Community Fag unveiling

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